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We are pleased to announce that the clinic is open on Saturdays to allow patients with busy schedules to address their healthcare needs. The following practitioners are available: NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS: Dr. Jeff Zeidenberg, ND and Dr. Melissa Lee, ND REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPISTS AVAILABLE ON SATURDAYS: Dale Blacker, RMT and Christina Gouveia, [...]

Observation Program At Sunnybrook Hospital

Today (March 13, 2014) was a successful first day of an observation program that I set up for my oncology interns at Sunnybrook Hospital.  I decided to shadow along with them for two reasons:  1) To see what the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre was like and 2) To enrich their learning experience and [...]

Mistletoe Therapy as Supportive Care in Colorectal Cancer Patients

Iscador is an immunotherapy made from Mistletoe extract.  It's mechanism of action is to modulate immune activity.  It also helps patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to tolerate a wide range of side effects.  In this recent clinical trial, mistletoe was used concurrently with chemotherapy for colorectal cancer and had a beneficial effect on Cancer [...]

Happy Spring!

Find us in the April/May issue of Village Living Magazine and take advantage of our sweet Spring offer! OUR PRINCIPLES First, to do no harm To cooperate with the healing powers of nature. To address the fundamental causes of disease. To heal the whole person through individualized [...]

The Heat Lovers Massage!

As the cold and wintery Polar Vortex weather arrives, Hot Stone massage in combination with Swedish massage becomes a double hot commodity around this time of year! What’s this? What’s this? YES! Hot Stone massage therapy treatments are HERE at Insight Naturopathic Clinic!! Basalt Hot Stone massage therapy is a traditional relaxation massage [...]

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – River in the Body

Written by Christina Gouveia, RMT It’s cold and flu season. We are all dreading this time of year. The swollen glands, congestion, stuffy/runny nose, coughing - the feeling that you’re “coming down” with something.   But did you catch the beginning symptoms? Congestion, swollen glands…. also known as edema, that “puffy/stuffy” feeling. This is [...]

The Best Seat in the House!

Are you new to the world of massage therapy? Unsure if you would want to experience the circulation benefits of massage but aren’t quite ready to disrobe to your level of comfort & massaged with oil? Then may I suggest chair massage as an option for you! This is not to be confused [...]

Exercise and Breast Cancer

This recent study out of Berkley California, and the University of Nebraska (December 2013) shows that daily exercise is linked to a significant reduction in breast cancer risk.  Walking had the same protective effect as running, and smaller breasted women seemed to have less risk compared with larger breasted women.  Click here to see [...]

Proud to be an ND

The Huffington Post recently published this article: written by a young naturopathic doctor recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She does a wonderful job of explaining the role of a Naturopathic Oncologist and how they are an integral part of an optimal care system.  Thank you Amy Rothenberg for your wonderful article! [...]

Cancer Prevention and Cancer News

An article titled: Cancer 'tidal wave' on horizon, warns WHO was just published by the BBC (Feb 4, 2014).  This quote pretty much summarizes the findings and should serve as a big wake up call to the world: "The most shocking thing about this report's prediction that 14 million cancer cases a year will [...]