Dr. Jill Shainhouse, ND

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips:

What can you and your whole family do to boost immune function?

Here are some helpful tips heading into the dreaded GERM season:

1)  Lower sugar intake in the diet.  This coming right after Halloween- I know, right!?  But…believe it or not, sugar can put your white blood cells into a temporary coma!  They won’t be very effective at fighting infection if they are fast asleep.

2)  Drink plenty of fluids.  Fluids help to keep mucous membranes healthy and less likely for viruses and bacteria to attach.

3)  Exercise (but don’t overdo it) and get plenty rest.

4)  Take Vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps with the intricate balance of the immune system.  We know that people who have lower vitamin D levels have a higher risk of infection.  

5)  Take Probiotics.

Certain probiotics may help to reduce the chance of getting different viruses, or they may lessen the severity of the infection.  I often encourage my patients to eat lots of fibre and eat a serving of a fermented food daily. For specific recommendations on probiotic supplements, I highly recommend that you speak to your friendly neighbourhood ND!

6)  If you feel like you’ve already succumbed to what’s going around, make yourself a little Homemade Elixir.  Some good examples are Elderberry Syrup or a Raw Honey Syrup with Garlic.  Stay tuned for recipes and instructions on how to make both!

Blog post by Dr. Jill, ND