November 2020

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Book a complimentary first treatment with our Osteopathic Manual Practitioner – Nathan Leong

November 17th only!

This complimentary treatment will be about 15 minutes in length and will require a COVID screening prior to coming into the clinic.
Click here for more information or to book an appointment
or give us a call at 416-322-9980

Get outside with Nucleo Fitness


Take advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend and get outside for some exercise with our friends at Nucleo Fitness!

Nucleo Fitness is offering an outdoor circuit class this Saturday November 7 at 11am at the Northlea School Field.

Sign up here and get some sunshine while you work up a sweat!

The Importance of Supporting Mental and Physical Health

Over the last few weeks I have noticed many of my patients stating that they are feeling anxious or experiencing lowered mood, “for the first time in years”. For many this has certainly been an issue throughout the year with the changes resulting from COVID-19 but for some this is a recent awareness with the weather changing, work stress increasing or the continued management of challenging health concerns. As I tell patients, you may not necessarily feel stressed, but your nervous system is stressed and this can manifest in many different ways for all of us – occasionally experiencing your heart racing, noticing sleep isn’t as good as it used to be, or feeling like you just can’t take on one more thing.

As a result of this, we need to ensure we are all supporting our mental health daily! This can be a regularly scheduled phone call with a good friend or loved one, engaging in meditation or prayer, or as a group of psychologists comment in a study – even looking at photographs of loved ones reduced the experience of pain and stress. And just as important is to support our physical health by moving our bodies whenever possible – a short walk, yoga, simple stretches – anything to support immune function which then has a direct impact on our mood.

I also utilize several modalities to help patients during this time – herbal medicine, specific supplementation, and dietary changes can all be helpful. If you feel like you need more support in this area, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic and book an appointment so we can review the options available to you.

In health,

Dr. Mark Fontes ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Vegan Potato Leek Soup

Jill has been loving her Mama Earth Organics produce boxes during the pandemic.  Head over to our blog for her most recent recipe – Vegan Potato Leek Soup.


Nourish your skin this winter

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For the month of November, Kalaya Omega Body Lotion is only $10.50.

Still have 2020 benefits?

A friendly reminder that there are only 57 days left in 2020!  If you have benefits left for 2020, book your consults and treatments soon as this is a busy time of year for many practitioners.
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