Project Description

A Preventative Approach to Optimizing the Health of Your Family Right From the Start

As you start to think about expanding your family and having your first, second, third or fourth child it is important to think about how to maximize your health. The most powerful thing you can do to ensure your baby’s health is to make sure your health is optimal.

Physiologically, eggs take about 100 days to mature and sperm take up to 116 days to generate. During this growth and development phase eggs and sperm are susceptible to nutrient deficiencies and toxicities (ex. Environmental toxins). Therefore, the health of both parents at least four months (or longer) prior to conception is important and ideal. There are many things you can do regularly to improve your health during this period: the preconception stage.

Certain steps can be taken to optimize your health outcomes and pregnancy health outcomes. At the Insight Naturopathic Clinic we provide health promotion, screening and interventions for women and men to reduce risk factors that may affect future pregnancies. We implement certain care and support systems which allow women and their families to become healthier. All these are implemented to increase the chances of healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby; provide alternatives or work with ART procedures (IUI, IVF, ET), improve general health and energy, help older parents or those with diagnosed fertility problems and help you gain Insight into fertility and your body. For more information about Fertility & Preconception care contact us at Insight Naturopathic Clinic at 416-322-9980.


  • First, to do no harm

  • To cooperate with the healing powers of nature.

  • To address the fundamental causes of disease.

  • To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

  • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.