Project Description

Supportive Care During Cancer Therapy

Adjunctive Cancer Care:

We offer our patients sound advice on the safety of additional therapies to supplement conventional treatments.

Our goal is to help our patients tolerate treatment while improving quality of life. We take the time to provide support and counseling to our patients and attempt to make their journey as comfortable as possible. Each patient’s protocol is individualized to meet the person’s specific needs.

Our programs include a variety of modalities and include lifestyle strategies for long-term prevention of recurrence.  All prescriptions given alongside conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation are well researched to prevent potential drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions.

Careful measures are also taken around the time of surgeries to counsel patients off of blood thinning products.

Both our clinic founder, Dr. Jill Shainhouse, as well as Dr. Mark Fontes have an additional board certification in naturopathic oncology.

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