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“I just can’t deal with it all”

“I want to give up”

“I feel frozen and am unsure of what to do”

“Nothing I do seems to matter”

“I want to feel better and more in control”

Many individuals can relate to the above statements…

The demands and pressures associated with everyday life greatly impact our ability to achieve optimal well-being. The human experience is full of hardships, obstacles, uncertainty and worry.

Making matters more complex, is the human mind. We all experience both positive and negative emotions, thoughts, memories, sensations and feelings. In fact, we are physiologically wired to experience stress, whenever we feel uncomfortable, are active or even hungry!

While stress can act to motivate and mobilize an individual, it can result in anxiety, depression, irritability, self-doubt, negative thoughts and panic.  These feelings can interfere with decision-making, concentration and memory.  Chronic, unmanaged stress is associated with poor diet/lifestyle choices including reduced physical activity which in turn may increase the risk of heart disease/stroke.  One’s physical health and wellness can be largely determined by one’s underlying mental health. 


Whether one is living with an anxiety disorder, addiction, trauma, relationship issues, loss/grief, dealing with a crisis or just a crummy day, we are entitled to discuss our stressors and receive any desired or needed support.

Everyone’s stress is unique. Every person can begin to understand and develop a greater awareness around how they currently perceive and react by identifying their stress and discussing how it typically unfolds.

By beginning to embrace and discuss your stressors and mental health, you are taking a step away from avoidance and towards acceptance

It’s human nature to want to escape feelings of discomfort, uncertainty, pain, guilt, sadness and shame.  We all need to individually learn how to embrace and cope with stress. Instead of shying away from a part of what makes you human, we at Insight encourage individuals to discuss whatever issues they feel comfortable doing so.

We have all become accustomed to a way of life that involves a high degree of stress. With a variety of different stressors impacting our health: technology, culture, relationships, work, etc. many of us find it difficult to begin to perceive the ill effects of stress/anxiety and require assistance in learning how to cope and manage.

By collaborating with clinically-experienced and appropriate practitioners, one can expect to develop added self-awareness and acceptance regarding their values, thoughts, memories and visualizations that may be influencing their behaviour and self-perception. Patients receive an evidence-based approach that is built upon compassion, empathy, hope and realism.

The idea of addressing your mental health may seem daunting.  However, if done in an effective way, one can begin to experience control, coping skills and gain a deeper understanding of their own health goals. 


When discussing one’s mental health, it is of the utmost importance that the patient understands that their confidentiality and health goals, are the priority.

Each person is considered to be their own expert as we ALL have added insight into what are realistic plans of treatment and where our own obstacles lie.

Naturopathic medicine provides a focused, evidence-based approach for mental health issues and/or concerns. It perceives each person as being a unique individual with individual health and lifestyle goals. Of course, not every person arrives for help for the same reason.

Regardless, within each person’s journey towards improved mental health, one can expect to be informed and educated about supportive resources and self-help strategies.

Naturopathic doctors will apply their knowledge, based on education and clinical experience, to help you achieve your health goals.


NOTE: While everyone’s treatment plan will differ, potential discussions and recommendations may include;


  • Developing individual physical activity/exercise plans that are realistic and doable
  • Yoga, Stretching routines, Abdominal breathing
  • Sleep hygiene


  • Developing a better understanding of anxiety-promoting foods
  • Achieving a well-balanced, individualized meal plan focused on acquiring essential minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, complex carbs

Orthomolecular medicine/Supplementation

  • Optimizing the functioning of the body and cellular functioning through nutraceutical supplementation
  • Acquiring supplements/minerals that will improve brain signalling and mood
  • Investigating and addressing any existing deficiencies

Botanical Medicine

  • There are many herbs that have shown to be helpful for those dealing with mental health issues
  • These include adaptogenic herbs, which increase an individual’s tolerance to stressful situations


  • Research has shown that acupuncture is effective in treating anxiety and depression
  • Can act to increase one’s feelings of relaxation
  • Regulates mood and sleep patterns


  • This is never a mandatory part of a naturopathic treatment but sometimes it is not possible to avoid stress
  • It may be helpful to collaborate with a suitable practitioner whom will work with your desired goals of treatment
  • Non-judgmental feedback and reflection of an individual’s story as a means gain understanding on areas of difficulty
  • Helps identify underlying themes and core beliefs to introduce coping strategies individually tailored to the client to help them achieve their goals
  • Encourages mindfulness, openness to ideas, self acceptance



Dr. Jeff Zeidenberg is currently finishing his Master’s in Counselling Psychology and has additional certification and training in holistic counselling, mindfulness, trauma therapy and cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT) for diagnosed anxiety disorders (GAD, OCD, PTSD, Major depressive disorder, panic disorder, etc.). He is accepting new patients, whom wish to receive support, education and guidance around any mental distress.

To learn more about Dr. Jeff Zeidenberg please visit his bio, or click below to book an appointment.




It’s actually one of the bravest things that a person can do.

It means;

  • You are acknowledging possible areas of concern and admitting that you are not perfect, you’re human.
  • You would like to feel empowered and make positive lifestyle and behavioural changes.

YOU deserve to be listened to and YOU are YOUR own EXPERT!

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