We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Krista Kostroman, ND who will be joining our practice and available for consultations every Friday starting in September 2019.

Are you ready to make some positive changes in your health this fall?  It’s time to take charge, and Dr. Krista can certainly help you navigate the path to wellness.

Whether you are looking to improve your general health and achieve balance, manage your weight, thyroid disorder, diabetes, or are suffering from digestive issues, anxiety or depression, Dr. Krista will have you feeling your very best. 

A note from Dr. Krista:

I believe that healthcare plans are not helpful if they are not practical and accessible. Treating the body and the mind as separate entities does not yield results as powerful as working with both.

As a naturopathic doctor  I have a variety of tools including clinical nutrition and supplementation, functional laboratory testing, IV therapy, botanical medicine, acupuncture and Asian medicine, and lifestyle counselling.  I will provide you with realistic options and then work with you to select what will work best. 



  • First, to do no harm

  • To cooperate with the healing powers of nature.

  • To address the fundamental causes of disease.

  • To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

  • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.