Fertility Support

Hormone Balance, Specialized Testing, Nutritional Counselling

Optimize your fertility and increase your likelihood of success

Your fertility journey requires a comprehensive health plan. We want to promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of people like yourself by using natural treatments to help you navigate through the highs and lows of reproductive therapy.  

We recognize how difficult the journey can be: Taking time off work, constantly being poked and prodded, the emotional rollercoaster of having to live your struggle in secrecy, and the strain it can put on your relationship.  It’s hard, and we get that.

How can Naturopathic Fertility Help?

It is best to start influencing your fertility 3 months prior to conception – this allows time for the menstrual cycle to regulate, hormones to balance, and egg quality to optimize.  We provide a clear plan individualized to you which will include dietary and supplement recommendations and quite often, acupuncture.  

Our goal is to help couples have beautiful, healthy babies.  

Let our naturopathic doctors support you on your path towards optimal fertility and a positive, healthy pregnancy.

Why include a naturopathic doctor in your fertility team?

Have someone who considers all aspects of your and your partner’s wellbeing.

Improve the success rate of conventional fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF using evidence based therapies and most of all feel heard throughout your journey.