By Dr. Navleen Arora, ND

Did you know that practicing mindfulness can be a great way to help reduce stress? This is important because stress can affect many parts of your health such as your digestion, sleep, thyroid, metabolism, immune system and your hormones.

Here are some tips to help practice mindfulness and reduce stress:

  • Getting outdoors: Going for a walk can be a great way to take a break and de-stress
  • Body scan: Doing a mental body scan can help you identify where you’re holding stress and release this tension. You can set a reminder on your phone to do this everyday at times you typically could use a break (i.e. middle of the workday).
  • Gratitude journal: Write down 3 positive things everyday. Challenge yourself to think of something different each time!

If you require extra support, working with a Naturopathic Doctor can help you get assessed and identify how stress is impacting your health. Your ND can also recommend additional supplements and herbs that can help with managing stress and reducing related symptoms.